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The breed of pugs were said to have originated in East China, as they were given as pets to the emperors of the Shang dynasty during the 1766-1122 BC. Because of their popularity, the pugs spread to Tibet and the neighboring Japan, before it was imported – through trade – to Europe.

The pugs were given a place in history as they also became pets of monarchs and the affluent in the European countries of Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Among the popular figures who owned pugs were Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte.

In England, the pugs became the pets of choice of Queen Victoria during the 19th century. The pugs became fashionable in England after that, and it became common to see people in polite society owning pugs, especially the black ones that came from China. Soon after, the adorable pugs made their way to the United States of America. Today, pugs are also seen in Hollywood, as they made appearances in several films, the most notable of all is in the movie Men In Black.

Today’s pugs are seen to have a square and robust body, deep chest, compact form, and with well-developed muscles. They have arched necks and rounded heads and eyes. Pugs are famous for their forehead wrinkles, and a well-bred pug should have deep and distinct wrinkles, in order for them to win prizes at dog shows.

A pug generally has glossy and fine coats in the colors black, silver, apricot, or fawn. They also have a tail that curls tightly just over the hip, and for some, a double curl is a mark of perfection.

Known for their sociable yet stubborn nature, pugs have endeared themselves to humans because of their obedience, charm, cleverness, and playfulness. They are easily trainable to follow orders and learn tricks fairly well. They are also very sensitive to the human tone or voice, thus, harsh punishment for them is often unnecessary. Pugs easily get along with other people or animals, yet they need to get enough attention from their masters as they can get easily jealous. Pugs enjoy going out and playing for exercise and bonding with their owners.

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