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The Papillon is among the ancient toy breeds. With its large, erected ears, this small dog earned its title as “Papillon" or butterfly in French word. The breed originated in France, where it is also considered as the favorite pet of French royalties.

Old royal portraits serve as proofs that this dog breed is indeed popular among European aristocrats. This royal fascination for Papillon soon led to the declaration of the breed as the official dog” of the Royal French Court. Among the dog's famous French court owners was Henry III, Madame de Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette. In fact, Marie Antoinette was so fond of the breed that she walks around with the small dog clutched on her arm and even named a Parisian building as Papillon House.

Aside from royal portraits, 13th century church paintings and frescos also showed apparent images of this toy breed. Nevertheless, up until today, this dog breed is still popular not only in France but even in other parts of the continent as an athletic and amiable dog breed.

Based on breed standards, the Papillon has thick, flowing coat with lavish frills on chest area but shorter hair on the head. Even without an undercoat, the tail is filled with long hair feathers.

Standing between eight and twelve inches, the Papillon has erected ears and colored markings varying with its natural white fur. Since its name is derived from a butterfly, marks cover the eyes and ears in a popular “butterfly” style. But even with its distinct markings covering most of its face, its noseband and white blaze are still normally seen and identified as uniquely its own.

Most pet owners claim that the Papillon is agile, smart, and quite versatile as a toy breed. It can endure longer walks or strides. More often than not, it also adapts to different conditions though it is not always sturdy and favorable to prolonged exposure.

With a good degree of intelligence, it actively responds to different events and situations. As mentioned, this dog can always put its energy into movement or action, but it is always better to have with the dog the guidance and attention of its owner.

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