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Our desire is too help educate new dog owners about how to enter the wonderful world of dog ownership and reap all the benefits of sharing your life with a canine companion.

Read about all the different dog breeds here, including Designer Breeds and browse through our many dog-related articles. Don’t forget to enter our Pooch Photo Contest in the Dog of the Day section. Enjoy your stay!

New Dog Story Entries

  • Beautiful Bichon Frise
    After having a wonderful and beautiful Bichon Frise for 14 years, we are now after six months awaiting the birth of our next Bichon....

  • Duchess and Gimble the Pekes
    We adopted Duchess and Gimble a year ago and they are the best dogs Ive ever had...

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    New Dog Breed Entries

    Saint Bernard



    Boston Terrier

    Shetland Sheepdog

    Great Dane




    Italian Greyhound

    Australian Cattle Dog

    Rough Collie

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    New Dog Pictures

    dog picture Dog Picture

    More Dog Pictures

    1. Labrador Retriever
    2. German Shepherd Dog
    3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    4. Golden Retriever
    5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    6. Border Collie
    7. Pug
    8. Cocker Spaniel
    9. Rottweiler
    10. Boxer

    More Dog Breeds

    Dog people from all over the world will share their stories here. Why not join them!

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